Article - Best Alternative Career Paths:

Competition in the job market is fierce, it is why many individuals invest the time and money to earn a college degree. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center (an independent think tank that commits their efforts to analyzing current trends that will impact the future of America and the world at large) shows that college graduates that looked for work during the country's economic retraction fared better than job seekers that did not earn a college diploma.

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There is no arguing the value of a college diploma as the process can help an individual gain confidence as well as have a legitimate credential on a resume. But the fact remains that many times college students choose their majors for their personal here and now (IE just to graduate and earn a college degree), not for long career satisfaction. That may result in a person wanting to reinvent their career along the way and fortunately, there are some alternative career paths that can be followed.

Legal Lovers

Lawyers are a dime a dozen; the New York Times has reported that here is a surplus of legal professionals for all the positions available. Fortunately, there are a variety of career options for individuals with a law degree. Individuals may want to choose to follow the path of being a corporate attorneys specializing in legal rights without having to worry about billable hours. Another option to consider is public relations, many corporations want to hire lawyers in those communication roles as they are easily able to decipher what to say and what not to say to the public.

Lost Soul with a Bachelor's Degree

While some kids know exactly what they want to be when they grow up, there are others who are at a loss and will only find their way after years of trial and error. Individuals who have successfully mastered the tasks for themselves may be able to parlay that personal experience into a successful career counseling position. This position would require a person to help others figure out their career paths, anyone who has done a little soul searching on their own can use that knowledge (backed by additional training and credentials to move forward.

Tech Gods

The new economy is based on technology and while those jobs are abundant and pay well, staring at a computer screen can cause blurry eyes and job dissatisfaction. has done some research on the subject and compiled a list of 10 alternative career paths for workers in that field. Options range from become educators in the field to auto repair (modern cars are nothing without computer technology) and even becoming authors on the subject.

Individuals who feel stuck in the daily grind must start thinking bigger and imagining other possibilities regarding their current career paths. Instead worrying about a lack of opportunities, individuals can implement tangible steps to reinvent a career and path their own way to success (check out's Top 10 Tools for Career Planning Tools to start researching the topic.)

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