Article - Reasons to Buy Novelty Diploma:

If you have been considering buying a fake or replacement diploma  but still have doubts, here are 10 reasons why they are an excellent idea:

1. Lots of people buy fake degrees  as a way to encourage themselves or to serve as a morale booster. If you are working towards a difficult goal or need a reminder that there is something to be gained at the end of a long, hard road, a fake diploma can be a good visual reminder of the rewards to come.

2. Replacement diplomas are great if you misplaced your real one, or if you need a copy to frame and don't want to risk damaging the real one. Because obtaining a replacement from your own university can be costly and time consuming, fake degrees are a great option.

3. They are great for jokes, especially if you buy a degree that is obviously fake (Doctorate of Ironing) or one that praises a particular characteristic. For example, a friend that is always talking about politics can receive a Doctorate in Foreign Relationships or Political Sciences as a birthday present.

4. They can be used to gain respect. While you are not advised to try and trick your boss into believing a fake degree  is real, they certainly can be used to quiet a coworker who thinks himself superior because he has a college degree. Simply by showing that you have one too, you will probably end up saving yourself time and aggravation.

5. As a stand-in until you get your real degree. If you are applying for a job, grant or special project, you may need to show proof of your diploma. Even if you already finished college, it may take months for you to receive the original diploma. In the meantime, you can always use the copy as an example.

6. To gain a promotion or advanced position at work. If you already have the knowledge and the experience for a specific field, but were never able to obtain the right degree for it, a fake degree can help you prove your knowledge.

7. Collecting fake degrees can turn into a fun hobby. If there are professions you always wanted to try, this is the closest you can get without having to spend thousands of dollars (and many years) going back to school.

8. Fake degrees are inexpensive. Compared to real degrees, which cost thousands of dollars in fees, a fake degree is a quick, affordable option everybody can afford.

9. They can help you gain recognition and status. For example, people who hold a doctorate are more likely to receive preferential treatment when booking a hotel room, attending a show or trying to set up a business or partnership.

10. They look great in an office. You may have noticed when visiting the office of a professional that they sometimes have numerous diplomas hanging on the wall. If you only attended one college or university, this could be a great option to complement that original one.

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