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In case you’re not familiar with Ripoff Report, it’s a consumer complaint website where anybody can post a “Ripoff Report” about any business or person. The only assurances of truthfulness required by the website are a valid email address!

If you’ve seen the four year old (from 2008) posting about PhonyDiploma being part of the FBI please know that is NOT TRUE.  We are not, nor have we ever been part any government organization.

The SAME POST was also submitted to four other fake diploma sites at the very same time.  Any, none of those other sites (yes, our competitors) are affiliated with the FBI either

Unfortunately, once posted, the Ripoff Report is there forever — and pages on the Ripoff Report have an uncanny ability to high with search engines, especially Google.  Even though we have tried to have the original post removed by offering full verification of licenses and legal paperwork, Ripoff Report won’t remove the original complaint.

Why?  Well, Ripoff Report claims it is immune from liability due to a federal law known as the Communications Decency Act. This law says that websites are not liable for the content posted on their websites by third parties. (The law makes sense to a degree—if every time a person defamed another person in a Yahoo! chat room imposed legal liability on Yahoo!, there would be no chat rooms.)

Unfortunately, the law also protects websites like Ripoff Report that refuse to remove illegal content even after receiving notice that certain content posted on their sites is false and requests it’s removal and declares the report defamatory.

Such is the state of the internet.  Please consider reviewing other review sites for a more-accurate picture of the nature of our product and service.



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