Article - Single Sitting Degree Info:

What is a Single Sitting Degree?

A “single sitting” degree is a program in India that allows students to condense a three-year bachelor’s degree program into one year of study.  At the end of the course of study, the student completes exit exams in a single sitting – hence the term single sitting degree.  While at one time single sitting degrees were a recognized educational offering in India, the single sitting degree has since been discontinued.  Unfortunately, students looking for a quick and easy way to earn a bachelor’s degree are ripe targets for scammers who claim to offer a valid single sitting degree option.

Why Have Single Sitting Degrees Been Discontinued?

In India, a three-year bachelor’s degree has become the recognized standard.  In order to complete a three-year bachelor’s degree program, students must study at least 12 different subjects and pass a comprehensive exam in each subject.  A thesis project in the student’s major area of study must be completed by the end of the third year of study.  In contrast, a single sitting degree must either make an attempt at a program curriculum that includes each of these 12 subjects in just a year, or must compromise degree requirements by teaching fewer subjects or watering down the exit exams.  Neither of these options is considered an acceptable alternative, leading to the discontinuation of single sitting degree programs.  While it is true that length of a program of study doesn’t tell the whole story, it is simply not possible to receive the breadth and quality of a bachelor’s degree education by taking exams in just one sitting.

Alternatives to a Single Sitting Degree

There are a variety of distance learning options that students can utilize in lieu of a single sitting degree.  Accredited colleges and universities offer classes during evenings, weekends, online, and by mail that a student can plan and complete around an existing work schedule or other commitments.  Distance learning programs are offered in a wide variety of disciplines in the liberal arts and the sciences.  Distance learning requires that a student be highly motivated and able to study independently while maintaining a self-designed study regimen.  Students who take distance learning classes must discipline themselves, since there is no daily interaction with students and teachers, nor any requirement to attend classes.  For students who are able to self-direct their studies, distance learning is a good option. 

Credit By Exam

In addition to distance learning, many colleges and universities award credit by exam.  Credit by exam is a way of receiving college credit for a single subject in which a student can prove substantial expertise.  A student who speaks a foreign language fluently, for example, may take an exam and receive college level credit for knowledge of the language.  Students with prior work experience relevant to a subject may also be eligible, in some cases, for credit by exam.  Credit by exam is very different from a single sitting degree, because it awards credit in very limited circumstances for one particular subject in which a candidate has proven to be highly knowledgeable.

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