Article - Master's Degree Competition:

How Many People Have a Master’s Degree?

Education is an important part of being successful in life, at least when it comes to most careers. While some types of jobs only require plenty of experience, others require more education than what can come from experience. Some positions, like a massage therapist, may only require a certification. Other types of employment may require an associate or bachelor’s degree. Many of the most well paid positions out there require a Master’s degree or higher, in order for a candidate to be considered worthy of even applying. The trouble is that most people don’t have a Master’s degree. In fact, only about nine percent of the American population over the age of 18 has a Master’s degree.

College Diplomas and Transcripts

With the type of success that can be obtained by a person with a Master’s degree, one would think that more people would take the steps necessary to obtain one. The truth is that many people don’t go on to pursue an education past high school, so even fewer obtain an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, let alone the highly coveted Master’s degree. There are many reasons for this. The first is that school isn’t for everyone. Many people get along in their desired employment field with the amount of education they currently possess, with no need to go any further than that. While many people seek education for personal enrichment, values are different and college isn’t for everyone.

Another factor in the decision of whether or not to pursue a Master’s degree, or any type of degree under it, is that there are significant costs involved. While the United States Government does offer some help through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Program, this is not always enough to cover the costs for many folks. Student loans are expensive, and many people do not see the value in taking out a loan to pursue a higher education.

The Benefits of a Master’s Degree

Having a Master’s degree has a variety of benefits. Different people pursue this coveted degree for different reasons. Some people wish to advance in their careers and do not see that as a possibility without pursuing a higher education. Others want to make more money and feel that educating themselves is the best way to qualify for a raise.

While many people seek a Master’s degree for financial enrichment, other people seek the education for personal enrichment. There is nothing like completing something momentous, and coursework leading up to a Master’s degree is momentous, to say the least. For those who hold a good education in high regard, having a Master’s degree is important and can lead to great things in life.

Just because only nine percent of the adult population has a Master’s degree doesn’t mean the degree is not important. What it does mean is that those who do hold such degrees are esteemed, the cream of the crop in many regards, and have the potential to go far in life and in their careers.

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