Article - Nothing Get as Real as Phony Diploma:

Unlike other fake degree websites that deliver cheap-looking, low quality products at outrageous prices, Phony Diploma produces the BEST and MOST AUTHENTIC fake degrees you will ever see. Each fake degree is the result of a high quality products and creative techniques and detailing.

Our Products

The long list of degrees includes:

·         Associate Degree

·         Bachelors Degree

·         Masters Degree

·         Doctorate Degree

Under each of these degrees, there is an extensive choice of majors you can choose from. From our experience in the field we have been able to collect thousands of original degrees which we use as templates to produce fake degrees. These degrees come from schools, colleges and universities all over the world so we have a wide array of templates. If, however, you are still unable to find a degree template of your choice, give us a call and we’ll get things rolling!

Our Raw Material

The Paper

The paper we use for our fake degrees is very similar to that used by many actual schools. The highest-quality paper ensures authentic appearance and feel.  We have different sizes for US and international fake degrees. Custom cut sizes are also available.

Our degrees might be fake but they’re made on genuine paper. From the quality of paper to watermark to weight, everything is as close to real as it can get.

Leather Textured Padded Folders

The leather textured padded folders make your fake document even more real. The folders are made of high quality, authentic material that not only protect your fake document but are also a great way to keep them safe.

Emblems and Seals

Authentic seals, emblems, signatures, gold foil and raised writing on our fake degrees improve the document’s look of authenticity.

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