Article - Types of Bachelor of Arts Degrees:

An associate’s degree is one of many different types of college degrees. They can be awarded by a four-year university, a junior or community college, online, or through business colleges, to name a few. One can get their associate’s school diplomas in a number of different majors such as: arts, engineering, nursing, teaching, technology, and even general studies just to name a few. In most cases, it only takes about two full years, or four semesters, to get an associate’s college diploma. This can be accomplished within the two year time frame only if the student attends school on a full-time level. Otherwise, it may take longer; but it typically takes much less time than what a four year university would require or the time it would take for earning a Master’s degree.

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Some of the most common majors for an associate’s degree is granted, are business and commerce, mechanical and engineering sciences, health services, and arts and sciences programs. Many students opt to get their associate’s college diploma, and then move on towards a bachelor’s degree later in life. This gives them the move forward they need to get ahead in their career and possibly achieve on-the-job training; laying down a solid foundation for their chosen field. It allows students to focus on their main interest so they can get in the door much faster. An associate’s degree is a wonderful way to start a career and get ahead in life.

For full-time schooling, most colleges require about 12 to 15 credits per semester and in some cases more. Each school is different, so check with the university or community college of your choice to find out what their individual requirements are: Guidance counselors can assist with laying out a plan. Most schools offer a timeline for students to give them a better idea of where they will be in two to four years, depending on the degree they’ve chosen. Generally it takes approximately two years to get an associates college diploma, there are always going to be varying factors that can change.

Some schools require students to take courses that do not award credits such as internships or extracurricular activities. Others may have various skills tests that must be passed in order to be awarded an associates degree. The major of choice also has a big effect on the classes taken, and tests that must be passed. One reason the associate’s degree is so appealing is students can pass and graduate in about half the time it takes other students to obtain their bachelor’s degree. The associate’s can get people on the fast track to a rewarding career.

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