Article - The Pros and Cons of Earning Your High School Diploma Online:

With the available of online education, students have an alternative option to choose their preferred way to earn a degree. However, deciding to pursue a degree online can be a big transition, not only for students, but also any returning adult who plan to continue for advanced education.

Take a look at a few pros and cons of online education before you decide the education option to earn your high school diploma.

The Pros of Earning Your High School Diploma Online

1. Learn at your own paceThe online learning classes are conducted in asynchronous style. The students don’t need to attend the class at the same time. They can enter the online classes at the time they like and get the necessary learning materials, assignments or listen to the pre-recorded audio and video sessions.

2. Make easy to work out a schedule that fits your timeThe flexibility of online learning format that allows you to study based on your pace enables you to plan your schedule that fits your time. This feature will benefit students who work and study at the same time. With a proper time management, they can earn a degree without the need to give up their job. Students who like the freedom to study at their own selected time will also benefit from the flexibility of study format.

3. Avoid distractionsEarning your high school diploma online enables you to avoid the distractions from peers and noisy surrounding of traditional school. You can choose the place you like such as your home or library as long as you are able to connect to the online learning system through internet.

4. Able to specialize in a subject offered elsewhereIf you are interested in a subject that only offered by a college located far away from your hometown; or even it is only offered at university abroad, you may need to relocate to the location near-by if you follow traditional degree program. But, if the school offers the degree in online format, you can choose the specialized subject without the need to consider where the college is located.

The Cons of Earning Your High School Diploma Online

1. Don’t have fun elementsNormally colleges will conduct orientation week for new students. You will also enjoy the fun during senior day, graduation and other events, which you won’t find in online classes.

2. Some subjects are hard to master without face-to-face teaching Some subjects that require demo and teach-by-example may be hard to master without a teacher. Although they may have pre-recorded videos or even real-time web streaming classes to explain the concept of these subjects, students may find hard to master them if comparing to the traditional classes.

3. Your questions may not be answered instantly Most online classes are conducted asynchronous where you won’t meet instructor and peers at the class. If you have questions that you would like to ask the instructor or get help from peer when facing difficulties in your learning, you may have to post the questions at the message board, forum or even email them and you have to wait for their reply.

4. Your degree may be recognizedUnless you make sure you are getting a degree online from an accredited school, you may have a problem to find a job with the online degree. There are far more diploma mills offering fake degrees than in traditional schools, you have to really be careful to select accredited degree program if you choose to earn your high school diploma online. SummaryEarning your high school diploma online can be a good option, but you have to understand its pro and cons before you make your decision.

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