Article - Top 10 College Degrees with Earning Potential:

Chances are YOU will have to take responsibility for your life; that includes finding a way to earn money and pay the bills. Research shows that individuals who take the time to earn a college degree have the advantage. Research conducted by the Pew Research Center (an independent think tank dedicated to analyzing current trends that will impact the future of America and the world at large) has indicated that college graduates that looked for work during the country's economic retraction were better off than job seekers that did not earn a college diploma and those with technical degrees did best of all.

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The findings have come courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). NACE was established in 1965 and now boosts that it is the "…leading source of information on the employment of the college educated." The organization uses numerous tools to help find trends in both employer needs and education, surveys are just one of the devices they utilize. When NACE released the January 2013 Salary Survey one thing was clear, thanks to the supply and demand in the job market individuals who focused on technical degrees and engineering degrees had both the highest earning potential (for immediate hires) as well as future income game.

According to survey results, the salaries of bachelor degree holders (2012) rose 3.4 percent (to $44,455 annually) above the levels established from the previous year graduates (2011 indicates a $42,987 annual salary). The organization found that these were the Top 10 College Degrees with earning potential:

  • 10. Computer Engineering (the study of an integrated program focusing on electrical engineering and computer science that allows a student to gain the ability to develop computer hardware and software).= $70,400 annual salary.
  • 9. Chemical Engineering (the study of an integrated program focusing on physical sciences, life science, mathematics and economics in order to convert raw materials into more valuable forms.) = $66,400 annual salary.
  • 8. Computer Science (the study of the theory of information and computation with the goal of designing computational systems)= $64,400 annual salary.
  • 7. Aerospace Engineering (engineering that specifically focuses on the design, construction, and science of aircraft and spacecraft.) = $64,000 annual salary.
  • 6. Mechanical Engineering (engineering that specifically focuses on an integrated program of physics and materials science with the goal of learning how to analysis, design, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems.)= $62,900 annual salary.
  • 5. Electrical/Electronics and Communications Engineering (engineering that specifically focuses on an integrated program of electrical engineering with computer science with the goal of managing communication systems)= $62,300 annual salary.
  • 4. Civil Engineering (engineering that specifically focuses on a program that will help students design, construct, and maintain man-made structures including roads, bridges and buildings.)= $57,600 annual salary.
  • 3. Finance (the study of economics and mathematics in order to develop the knowledge associated with managing financial assets)= $57,300 annual salary.
  • 2. Construction Science/Management (the study that will allow students to plan, implement and be in charge of a construction project of a project from inception to completion.)= $56,600 annual salary.
  • 1. Information Sciences and Systems= $56,100 annual salary.
  • While creative types may cringe at the thought of investing time into earning these specific types of bachelor degrees, organized individuals with analytic skills, a love for technology and the desire to lay the foundation for their future may that targeting their efforts on the top 10 college degrees with earning potential is a wise move.

    Even though earning a college diploma in these specific fields can make a job applicant more attractive, a bachelor's degree may not be the right path for everyone. While the odds of employment are better for college educated folks specializing in engineering, finance or technology nothing is guaranteed. The math may show that the cost of the education will take many years to pay off and make earning a college degree not worth the investment.

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