Article - Chemical Engineering Degree Job Options:

A chemical engineering degree is one of the most misunderstood college diploma degrees. Students hear the word and immediately think---science. They assume they’ll spend the rest of their years sitting around a laboratory, wearing a white coat and running tests. Those who think that way are sadly mistaken because the world of chemical engineering is far more exciting. There are a large variety of things that students with a degree in this field can do in the future.

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Design engineer is one profession open to those with a chemical engineering degree. This job focuses on the design of new equipment for job sites, office buildings and a variety of other places. These workers also spend time creating new versions of existing equipment in the hopes of optimizing it. They might design newer types of construction equipment that reduce injuries and increase performance while keeping the overhead costs down.

Chemical engineering majors also go onto to work as process engineers. Process engineers are concerned with the bottom line, meaning they work on increasing profits for companies. They analyze a current system or process and find ways of making things go easier. They also find ways of increasing profits while redesigning the system.

Field engineer is another option for those with a diploma in chemical engineering. These positions are best suited for those who dislike the idea of sitting behind a desk and those who like working on their own. Field engineers are often sent out to a job site where they work independently on a project. Their jobs change fairly frequently, giving them a lot of freedom.

Those interested in pursuing a career as a doctor will find chemical engineering helpful. There are many students currently enrolled in medical school that studied engineering in college. It gives them a fallback career in case they decide not to continue in their studies. They learn strong research skills and a variety of other information that transfers over to medical school.

A large number of college graduates in this field work at chemical processing plants. They ensure the processing goes smoothly and look for ways of speeding up the process. They also work on the design of the equipment and technology used in the plant, in the hopes of making the plant work more efficiently.

Chemical engineering majors work in research and development. They’re the ones responsible for finding new types of chemicals and improving existing products. For example, chemical engineers helped work on products such as Nylon and Spandex in the early stages. They discovered the chemicals that made such processes possible.

These individuals have the option of working as consultants or specialists once they have accumulated a great deal of experience in a particular chemical or chemicals. There are a large variety of jobs open for those with a chemical engineering degree, but these are just a few of those options.

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