Article - Find a Career Path for Your Spanish Degree:

Degrees in Spanish can be found in many universities all over the world, yet many students and graduates are unsure of how to apply their degree to the working world. It may seem challenging at first, however, with some research and a bit of creativity one will discover that there are an impressive number of career paths available for holders of a Spanish Degree.

Your First Stop - International Diplomas in Spanish

A commonly overlooked market for Spanish speaking degree holding job seekers is the travel and hospitality industry. There are numerous key positions where bi-lingual skills and education in Spanish are required: guides, interpreters, travel agents, front desk staff, support staff, event coordinators, and much more. The list goes on; anywhere when non-Spanish speaking people visit in the Spanish speaking world there is a need for these roles to ensure that their visits are interesting and pleasant experiences.

Academics realm is also a natural fit for individuals with a degree in Spanish. Teachers are needed for Spanish language courses at all levels of education: grade school, middle school, junior high, high school and even private tutoring. Schools and individuals are always looking for teachers and tutors with degrees in Spanish, experience with teaching and those holding double majors.

In higher education, colleges and universities are also looking to fill positions in their Spanish departments and will require applicants to hold degrees in Spanish. Usually, at this level, one must hold an advanced degree in Spanish to be considered for teaching positions - however, community colleges and trade schools will hire those with a four year degree as well.

The government job market is also peppered with positions where Spanish literacy and a degree in Spanish are required. The NSA and FBI, as well as other Federal agencies, are looking to recruit qualified individuals with Spanish degrees. It doesn't stop there: in addition to the large Federal job market, one will find similar needs and requirements at the State and Local levels as well, adding up to thousands of potential jobs for the Spanish speaking candidate with a Bachelor’s degree.

Job seekers looking to advance their careers with a degree in Spanish have many excellent options available to them. There are lots of opportunities for holders of Spanish degrees – there has never been a better time to make use of this much sought after degree!

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