Article - Prevent and Catch Plagiarism Online:

Plagiarism is one of the most serious threats to a student’s education. Since the internet has become such a large part of everyday life, it’s even easier for students to plagiarize. Online plagiarism occurs when a student finds a passage on a webpage and then copies it down to the letter instead of rewording it or even making any attempt to do their own research. They hand the paper to their teacher, presenting it as their own and claiming credit for someone else’s work. In this sense, a plagiarist is a cheater and a thief.   


One of the most effective ways of preventing online plagiarism is to make sure that students know you’re aware that they can do it. Warn them that you know about the ease by which they can copy or buy an essay from a website and tell them that you will be checking. Remind them that there are programs that allow you to check an entire paper with a simple click of a button. That’s enough to deter most of the students who would have considered plagiarizing.


It’s a good idea to make sure they understand how to use information on the internet. Some students don’t realize they cannot just copy and paste a passage so you have to teach them how to reword and cite sources. Give non-generic subjects so that in-depth research has to be performed. Require them to give sources on their research to prove that they did it.


Just as the internet has grown in popularity so have programs that allow you to detect plagiarism. Copyscape is one of the most popular and effective resources used to catch plagiarizers. There are free tools out there but those programs that you have to purchase usually do a better job at detecting plagiarism. Teachers can submit their documents to these sites which will then check everything from academic databases to websites and forum boards. They can even check any book that’s available online. These sites can detect if a student has taken an entire essay from sites where whole research papers can be downloaded free of charge.


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  • Copyscape: One of the most popular online plagiarism detection tools.
  • Check For Plagiarism: Another popular online plagiarism detection tool. Packages start at $20.
  • Plagiarism Tutorial: By the University of Southern Mississippi, it gives lessons on the ways to avoid plagiarism.
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  • Crossrefme: Allows you to crosscheck papers on the internet.
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While plagiarism is becoming easier because of the internet, it is also becoming easier to detect for the same reasons. Powerful tools that scour the internet for plagiarized essays or passages are available for educators. Students must be warned about plagiarism and punished when they succumb to it. This is crucial for them to take school seriously and go on to obtain a college diploma.

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