Article - What Can I Do with a Law Degree?:

Many people apply to law schools each year. Those who are accepted by law schools pay high tuition and fees in order to get a law degree. Law school graduates get many high paying career options in return for the big investment that they have made in their future. Holders of law degrees can become private practice lawyers, government lawyers, and enter political careers.
A law degree is a good preparation for a legal career. A law degree helps prepare a student to take a state bar examination and ultimately become licensed to practice law. Although many people enter legal careers without obtaining a law degree, the most prominent and highest paying legal careers are not open to individuals who have not obtained a law degree.
Lawyers who have obtained a law degree and have passed the bar exam have many legal career opportunities available to them. Lawyers in private practice defend clients in court. Every case that is brought before a court of law has a defendant, and each defendant needs a good defense attorney. A defense attorney makes sure that his client’s legal rights are protected in a court case.
Lawyers can also specialize in corporate law. Corporate lawyers defend a company against legal charges that are brought by an individual, another organization, or the government. Corporate lawyers also prosecute cases where one company sues another company. Lawyers can specialize in tax law as well. Tax lawyers protect a company or an individual in cases brought by the Internal Revenue Service.
People with law degrees can assume managerial roles in law firms. Lawyers manage other lawyers and legal staff in a small or large law office. Lawyers can become partners in a law firm and they then can become part owners of a law firm.
A law degree is also a good preparation for people who want to pursue a government legal career. Federal, state, and local governments and their agencies all need lawyers to defend them against lawsuits. Prosecuting attorneys are also employed by government agencies to bring cases against individuals who have committed crimes.
Many politicians have law degrees. Although a legal education is not required to serve in a political office, people with law degrees have a better understanding of many of the legal issues that government agencies face. Most judges have law degrees, and judges with a legal education are better prepared to effectively conduct court cases.
A law degree is important for anyone who wants to teach law to future lawyers. Many lawyers enjoy teaching law, because it gives them a chance to serve their community and their profession. Law school professors are able to stay informed about developments in many different fields of law. Lawyers who specialize in a narrow legal field often lose track of legal developments in other legal fields.
Students in law school work hard to earn a law degree and in return they get a certain amount of career security. Many law school graduates find interesting jobs with a high level of job satisfaction. Most law school graduates would admit that a law degree is worth all of the time and expense that is required to earn it.

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