Article - AA Degree Info:

An AA degree is a type of diploma provided by two-year colleges and institutions. These are sometimes referred to as transfer degrees because the credits the student takes transfer over to a four year institution. Some students also jokingly refer to it as a fake diploma because their credits don’t always transfer. Those who check with the four year institution they plan on attending can ensure that all those credits will transfer later.

An AA degree is known as a professional degree or career degree. The student uses their degree to work full-time, without the need to study at an advanced level. Nursing assistants are one example of this. The two years they spend working on their AA degree qualifies them for work as a nursing assistant upon graduation.

The term itself refers to the Associate of Arts (AA) degree. This is typically viewed as the transfer degree because most students later work on their Bachelor’s degree from a four year school. They may study areas such as history, philosophy and English. The benefit involves saving money, as the two-year school is typically significantly less expensive than spending four years at another school.

There are other areas inside the AA program such as the Associate of Science degree, which focuses on science and math. There’s also the Associate of Fine Arts, where students study music or art. They have the option of studying teacher education through the AA program. All of these disciplines and degree programs fall under the banner of an AA degree.

There are many students who use their AA degree to immediately begin working. Applied Science and Industrial Technology are two good examples of this. The student receives hands on training while working on their degree. They work with computers, equipment and other types of technology. Upon graduation, they can immediately begin working in their chosen field, without a four-year Bachelor’s degree.

The traditional AA degree takes two years to complete, but there are some programs that take only a year to complete. There are programs that take a minimum of three years, such as applied sciences and medical fields. Students have the option of taking longer to finish their degree if they’re working full-time while attending classes, or if they take an internship.

AA degrees are offered by community colleges and junior colleges. Their student base is highly diverse, ranging from students right out of high school to older students working on their first degree. They’re occasionally offered by four-year institutions, though this is fairly rare. Four year public colleges sometimes offer the programs as part of a program geared towards older students or continuing education.

The school diploma known as an AA degree is highly beneficial. Students find they often have the option of working right away in their chosen field or going back to school to work on an advanced degree. They save money by taking less expensive courses, and some find it easier to take required courses at a community college than a private university. There are many benefits associated with the AA degree.

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