Article - Master's Degree Essay:

In an increasingly competitive world, a high school diploma or basic college diploma will not help much in the area of career advancement. This is why many college graduates take the next step to pursue a Master’s degree. Getting a Master’s degree is much tougher than getting a Bachelor’s degree. It’s important to weigh the decision seriously. If you want to get a Master’s degree, you have to be prepared to put in long hours of study and sacrifice some of your personal time, nevertheless, a Master’s degree will certainly expand your career horizons.

For some professionals like doctors, college professors, or judges, a graduate degree and even a doctorate degree is a requirement before they can be considered for employment. It’s not practical to just enroll in a Master’s program until you have a clear understanding of your career goals, a Master’s degree can prove to be limiting in the future. In this case, it’s better to put off your graduate studies until you are absolutely sure a Master’s will help to advance your career, or you will just be wasting time and money.

Statistics show that Master’s diploma holders enjoy higher incomes than college grads. A long time ago, high school diploma holders made up the top 5% of the American labor force. This was in the 19th century. Today, high school diplomas are virtually worthless as more and more people graduate from college. The U.S. Census Bureau of 1998 shows Bachelor’s degree holders earned an average of $40,000 a year, while those with Master’s degrees earned $11,000 more. Doctorate-degree holders earned the most, with an average salary of $77,000 every year. The higher salaries enjoyed by those who have taken up further education is one of the top reasons why more and more people are trying to get a Master’s degree.

Many obtain their Master’s degree to stay ahead in their field. Although not many firms require their workers to hold a graduate degree, they most certainly prefer applicants who have advanced technical knowledge and skills. In short, a Master’s degree will make you more marketable for career advancement. If you want to get a Master’s degree for job advancement, you have made a wise decision.

In the case where you are opting for a career change, a Master’s degree can be very helpful, especially if you lack education and training in the specific profession you are looking to move into. Getting a Master’s degree in the new field makes good sense as you will be arming yourself with the advanced technical knowledge needed to start up a new career.

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