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There are still plenty of jobs in recession that do not require a degree. When times are tough and you need work, here are a few jobs that you can fall back on.

Maids and Housekeepers - Finding work as a housekeeper is best done in your local neighborhood through reputation or posting your credentials in libraries. There is a lot of manual labor but if you develop a relationship with the homeowner, you might get more referrals from their friends.

Lawn mowing - This type of work is done pretty quickly if you have a bunch of people who can separate the jobs. Get a worker for mowing, one for putting fertilizer and another for raking the grass. You might be able to finish a job in less than 30 minutes and move on to the next.

Taxi and Chauffeur - If you enjoy driving and are good with traffic routes, you can work as a chauffeur or taxi driver. The hours can be long and you might get some unruly customers, but once in a while you get a good tip for driving people to airports or farther destinations.

Security Guards - There is a bit of risk involved as a security guard but it usually only requires a background check and willingness to take on late hours. This is a difficult job to take on if you have a family or are responsible for other people with morning hours. It will also be initially hard to adjust to the sleeping times.

Fast food cook - There is guaranteed employment as fast food cook. The reason is the 300% turnover rate in this profession. Many people quit their fast food jobs for various reasons and you can take advantage of the opening. It does not take too long to learn the techniques and guidelines for how food is cooked and served.

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