Article - BS Degree:

For most people, the idea behind attending college is to obtain some type of a degree in the long run. There are many different (college diplomas) or degree options out there to consider when mapping out their course of study. Different degree options have different significances, and one of the more popular degree options is the B.S., also referred to as the Bachelor of Science.

BS Degree Basics

The Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate degree awarded to students who pursue and complete specific programs of study. These degrees normally take about three to five years to obtain, and are often awarded to students who pursue specific courses of study in the field of applied science or technology. The BS degree is different in different parts of the world.

BS Degrees around the World

In Ireland, secondary school graduates are able to pursue a BS degree when they have completed one of the science programs. Depending on what the course is, they will take different lengths of time to finish. The BS or the BSC degrees are awarded to those who complete the program. Those who complete the program with honors are awarded the BS (Hons). The B.SC is also an option for the honors program.

Oxford offers almost all BS degrees. The same goes for the London School of Economics, an institution that graduates very few students with Bachelor of Arts degrees.

What are the Differences Between a BA Degree and a BS Degree?

The difference between BS degrees and B.A. degrees can be as slight as a technicality between universities. All students pursuing such a course of study must have a (high school) diploma. What one university considers an art, another university might consider a science. There are certain college diploma options that are commonly considered to qualify for a B.S. degree, such as physics, chemistry, earth science, computer science, any type of math, biochemistry and biology.

In the United States, a Bachelor of Science degree can be considered a more specialized version of the Bachelor of Arts degree. A bachelor’s degree in a certain field, such as business, might require significantly fewer advanced courses than the Bachelor of Science degree.

Almost all of the military service academies grant only BS degrees to their students. These are the United States Military Academy, United States Naval Academy, the United States Coast Guard Academy and the United States Air Force Academy.

When pursuing a college diploma, the first thing to do is to decide what type of degree you are looking to pursue. The type of degree that you pursue should be directly related to your future career plans, once you have graduated from college. Remember that BS degrees are more concentrated and applied versions of Bachelor of Arts degrees at many schools. For this reason, BS degrees are almost always more respected. This can give a person a serious advantage over other applicants when looking for a job.

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