Article - Career Opportunities Available for Holders of Applied Linguistics Degree:

An applied linguistics degree is a very beneficial degree that can lead to a successful career in a number of fields. This degree is ideal for those people who have a love of language and want to learn more about linguistics. It provides the students the chance to get a command over the language and learn how to communicate effectively with it. Since it is a very specific field, the students who pursue the applied linguistics degree must be very clear in their mind about their future goals.

The first career opportunity available to a student possessing an applied linguistics degree is to become a language teacher. It is a job that is very interesting since it involves travelling. Many universities need linguistic experts to teach language courses to their foreign students and holders of an applied linguistics degree are best suited for this job. Moreover, becoming a foreign language instructor is another career opportunity that can be adopted by this degree holder if he has received formal education in the language that he is to instruct.

The second career opportunity that an applied linguistics degree can open up for you is that of a writer or a novelist. Since you would have gained perfect command of the language, you can start writing novels or books. There are plenty of opportunities available for an applied linguistics degree holder in this field. He can even become a freelance writer or a technical writer too.

The third career opportunity available for holders of an applied linguistics degree is that of a translator or interpreter. The government is always in need of people who are proficient in speaking multiple languages and possess a degree in linguistics as well. There are employment opportunities for holders of this degree in the FBI as well.

The fourth career opportunity open for applied linguistics degree holders is that of a researcher in the IT sector. The IT companies often have jobs available for people with an applied linguistics degree since they have the problem-solving skills that are required for coming up with innovative technologies. However, to land a job in the IT sector, having some knowledge about information technology is necessary.        

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