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Author: Mary Gormandy White

1. Networking - Build a network of other people who are influential in your career field. Professional organizations, chambers of commerce, and networking groups are great resources for meeting people who are leaders in your field and community. As you cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with your networking contacts, you’ll likely learn about new job opportunities before they are announced to the general public.
2. Computer Skills - Having strong computer skills is a key to success in just about any career field. People who keep up with the latest software applications and operating systems often have a competitive advantage when it comes to being considered for promotions and getting new jobs. Even if you are very busy, there are a number of options for inexpensive and convenient online training programs that can help you stay on top of the latest advances in computer technology.
3. Professional Licensure - In many fields, there is a huge salary difference between licensed and unlicensed professionals. Say, for example that you work in the office of an apartment complex. Because of your work experience, you might very likely have the skills needed to be a real estate agent or home inspector, and you could boost your earning potential by becoming a licensed professional in one of these fields.
4. Get Certified - When employers are looking at hiring highly skilled professionals, they want to be sure that the candidates they choose do in fact have the skills to do the job. Earning a recognized certification in your field is one of the best ways to prove your skills to prospective employers.
5. Earn a Degree - One of the best ways to help yourself move up in your career is by increasing and validating your knowledge base with a degree. In many types of jobs, your pay rate is directly related to the highest level of education you have completed.
Working toward an advanced degree in your field can demonstrate to your current and future employers that you are committed to long term career success. If you already have an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree can have a positive impact on your earning potential.
The power to boost your ability to make more money is in your hands. The better connected you are and the more able you are to demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and commitment to employers, the more control you will have over your future career success.

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