Article - Get a GED, Build a Future:

Life can get in the way of a good time; it can also prevent students from graduating with the rest of their class. Despite the reasons why a student may have to drop out of high school, they still deserve the ability to complete their education and earn a diploma. For decades, a general equivalency degree has been a way to allow those in need to get the credentials essential to career advancement.

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Like most inventions, GEDs were created out of necessity. During the peak of World War II, many young men volunteered their services to help the cause. That resulted in large numbers of students dropping out of high school and joining the military. As a result, the United States Armed Forces Institute wanted a test to measure the academic skills of that military personal. In 1942, that military branch requested that the American Council on Education developed a series of tests for the challenge; that resulted in the creation of the General Educational Development Test. Canadians and Americans that past that test can then earn a GED and move forward with their lives.

Estimates suggest that every year, 750,000 people try to get back on the educational track by completing a GED program. When the program is complete, it will provide people with the equivalent of a high school diploma. There is no denying that earning a high school degree is a huge accomplishment, however the credential should be considered the very first step for a life filled with improvements.

Earning a GED is not a magic ticket to money and success. The device is the equivalent of a high school diploma and while good, it may not be enough. There are some stark differences between the two including age requirements and time spent to earn the degree. However, for individuals not interested in earning a college degree and getting straight to work, the accomplishment is THE credential to have.

The GED process requires the completion of a seven hour test focusing in on five subjects (writing, social studies, science, reading and mathematics). Since the programs' inception, it is estimated that over 18 million people have received a GED credentials. The device is an excellent tool for building a future as it will provide individuals with a path to higher education (such as college diplomas and master's degrees), increase the earning potential of a high school drop out, reduce crime rates and boost confidence.

The great thing about earning a GED is it is never to late to do it. Thanks to the advancement of online education there are a slew of options for earning that high school diploma equivalent. The rules for earning a GED vary from state to state and may not result in a graduate receiving an actual copy of a diploma.

Individuals looking for the motivation they need to get back to school and earn their equivalency credentials may want to consider buying a novelty diploma for motivation. The fake diplomas on look authentic and can be framed and mounted on a wall near one's work space in order to provide a little bit of incentive when the challenge may seem too great.

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