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Term paper mills were created by entrepreneurial companies hoping to make money off college students. At one type of paper mill, the students pay a small fee and gain access to papers listed on the website. The other type of paper mill allows the student to upload their information, including type of citations, page length, topics and any other specifications. A writer working for the company will then write the paper and hand it off to the student.

Internet paper sites charge different amounts, depending on the time, length and topic of the paper. For example, there are actually websites that write thesis papers and dissertations for advanced college students. These papers can sell for $100 or more, depending on the length. A regular college paper typically sells for less money, and some sites offer specials for $20 on new papers. Other websites charge by the page, usually around $5 per page. For a 10 page paper on any topic, they’ll charge $50.

Many of the websites claim that they’re used as a resource and not actually selling a paper. They state that students should never use the paper as their own work, but use it as a starting point to create their own work. They include resources and citations that students can use for help with their own paper.

Once a student finds one of these websites, they can search for appropriate papers already written on the subject or request a fresh paper to be written by one of the authors on the website. The writer usually gets a specific amount of time to complete the work and turn it over to the website owner. The owner accepts the payment and sends a copy of the paper to the student’s email address.

Teachers have learned about these internet paper mills and learned ways to detect if a student has turned in a copied or plagiarized paper. Some teachers simply enter a phrase from the paper into a search engine and look for any matches. Other teachers use anti-plagiarism tools to check the paper against known papers. They’ll typically do this if they notice that the paper seems of a different quality than what the student has turned in previously.

Coastal Carolina University's Internet Paper Mills gives a full listing of paper mills. They also list Internet Subject Specific Paper Mills to show those sites that cater to one major or area of study.

Professors and teachers are beginning to use some specific databases to search for papers and articles in order to look for plagiarized materials. One of these is InfoTrac, another is Pro Quest.

There are other resources for teachers to look at such as Internet Plagiarism: A Teacher‘s Combat Guide, Plagiarism Stoppers: A Teacher‘s Guide and Term Paper Mills, Anti-Plagiarism Tools and Academic Integrity.

Students can help themselves by looking at Why Students Should Avoid Term Paper Mills. Other helpful sites include Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Paper, Term Paper Mills, Plagiarism and Plagiarism and Ethics.

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