Article - Tips for Making Fake PhD Diplomas:

Fake PhD diplomas are important for people who want to give a boost to their self-esteem or are looking for a way to project a positive image to a friend. These fake PhD diplomas are not for getting a job or a promotion though. Any attempt to fool an employer by enclosing a fake PhD diploma with your resume and other documents would not help your cause of landing a good job and might result in your expulsion from the company you are currently working for as well. The following are a few tips that can help you in forging a fake PhD diploma that looks like a real one.

The most important tip is to try and copy the quality of the paper that is used for making the diploma. The paper must be of the same thickness and quality as is the one used in the making of the real PhD diploma. The authentic PhD diplomas usually make use of a paper that is heavy and very durable and the fake diploma must also mimic that. Moreover, the paper must have a gloss to it as well for it to look real.

The printer that should be used for making the fake PhD diploma should not be a standard commercial one. The real PhD diplomas are printed using a special printer that is used specifically for that purpose only and does not leave behind any trace that is often left by commercial printers.

The signatures on the fake PhD diploma should not be copied from somewhere but should be forged. The best makers of fake PhD diplomas always hire signature forgers instead of copying the signatures.

The spellings and the wordings used in the fake PhD diploma should be thoroughly checked and must be exactly same as the real PhD diploma. Any mistakes made in spellings or wording are going to decrease the authenticity of the fake PhD diploma, so try to avoid them at all costs.

All of the real PhD diplomas have the seal of the university watermarked on the paper. Thus, getting the seal of the university is essential for making your fake PhD diploma look real.       

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