Article - Master’s Degree in Accounting: Should You Get One?Phony Diplomas for your enjoyment:

A master’s degree in accounting can be obtained from any number of universities and colleges around the country. This professional level degree provides students with ample opportunities upon graduation. The main goal of this program is to provide students with the necessary coursework that prepares them for taking their CPA exam. Most of the time, states require the student to have completed at least 150 hours of undergrad and graduate level accounting coursework before being eligible to take the CPA exam. Even for those who have a BA in accounting, more credits will be needed to take the exam. However, if you have worked for two years in the accounting field and you have your BA, you are eligible to take the exam.

Some of those who get their master’s degree do so to help them prepare for other exams. For those who want a career in corporate accounting, their graduate education prepares them for taking the CMA exam. If you want to work as an internal auditor, you can use your coursework to prepare for the CIA exam.

Programs offering graduate accounting degrees generally let students focus on a specialized area. Students have the option of taking nothing but accounting courses, some accounting and some tax courses or a mixture of business and accounting courses. If you are looking into running your own business or working in some type of management capacity, you will probably benefit more from an MBA than what you will an MAA.

A master’s in accounting is an excellent choice if you are planning on becoming an accounting teacher. Studying at the graduate level allows you to gain additional recognition in educational achievement that a BA isn’t able to do for you. Many students choose to pursue their master’s in accounting because they can sit for their CPA exam a lot quicker than a BA alone. Some accounting professionals aren’t able to pursue graduate studies because they aren’t able to afford the cost of tuition. In those instances, they often wait until they have the job experience to take the test. If you want a quick path to a successful career, an MAA is a great choice.

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