Article - Degree Earning Potential:

Studies consistently demonstrate that those with adiploma from college earn more money than those with only a high school education. A high school diploma qualifies people for fewer jobs than a college degree. There are many jobs only open to those with a college degree  and those with the proper training. College also provides other benefits such as networking opportunities. The real question then becomes exactly how much money degree holders make.

As the economy suffers, everyone could use a few extra dollars to help with household expenses and more serious expenses or necessities. Those with a degreeare more likely to have the additional money they need. A college degree holder earns almost double what a high school graduatedoes. That amount continues to rise based on the type of degree  obtained.

Those with an Associate’s degree can expect to earn a median salary of $38,200 as of 2008. Of course, that means there are some earning much less and some earning much more. When compared to a high school graduate with a median salary of less than $30,000, that is a big difference. An Associate’s degree  is a two-year degree awarded by a community college or junior college. The two years the student spends in school prepares them for their chosen career, and most find employment right away.

On the other hand, those with a Bachelor’s degreeearn a median salary of $52,200 each year. A Bachelor’s degreeis a four year program offered by private and public colleges and universities. Programs in the Bachelor’sarea include history, biology, criminal justice and engineering. Most degree programs  have a four year option including majors in the social sciences field.

The median salary for those with a Master’s degree rises to $62,300. Students have the option of pursuing a Master’s degree after finishing their Bachelor’s degree . It typically takes an additional two years of schooling to receive the degree, but the jump in salary is well worth it. It’s much more difficult to attend graduate school as the schools have only a small number of seats and more applicants than they have the room for. Those who do have the chance to attend graduate school, though, discover that it gives them more money in the long run.

The median salary continues to rise with more education. Those with a doctorate degree can expect to earn around $89,000 a year, and when a person has a professional degree, that rises to over $109,000 a year. A doctorate degree, or PhD, involves doing a dissertation in their specific area of study and typically takes 2- 4 years after completing their Master’s degree .

A professional degree is something different entirely. This applies to the fields of law, architecture, medicine, and more advanced areas of study. Students usually spend an average of ten years or longer working on their degree program and in the field before finishing the program and earning their degree . The salary a student receives after graduation depends on the type of degree they receive.

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