Article - What is a Bachelor's Degree:

A bachelor’s degree is an academic degree; a combination of general studies, elective courses and a specialty in a particular field. The particular field is referred to as a major and the degree will be named after the major. For example, an individual who has chosen English as a major, the degree obtained is: bachelor’s degree in English.

Duration and Credit Hours

Most of the bachelor’s degree lasts for four years. Sometimes, the duration may vary from two to six years depending on the school and location. Some students take heavier class loads to complete the degree sooner. Some attend part time classes, and it may take additional years to earn their college diploma. The bachelor’s degree requires 120 to 128 credit hours of study to be completed. Usually, the general education of the degree takes place during the first two years and the specialized portion, major takes place during the last two years. The average time to complete a bachelor’s degree is four years.

The minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 is required, although some schools will require higher GPA's for their degrees or major. 


There are basic requirements for getting degrees in colleges and universities. All students are required to take a writing class, in most colleges. The scope and requirements for writing class differs in all colleges. Students must attend upper level mathematics like calculus to fulfill the math requirement. Students must also attend biological science, basic earth science, and physical science classes to obtain the Bachelor of Science degree. Sometimes, they may need to world civilizations class as well as a history class. In addition, art appreciation classes should be taken.


The bachelor’s degree courses and course title vary by colleges and university. There are two commonly awarded degrees: Bachelor of Arts (this degree requires coursework in the arts such as humanities, music, or social science) and Bachelor of Science (this degree requires coursework to be taken in the mathematical sciences, life sciences, or physical sciences). Other popular bachelor’s degree includes Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Business.

Benefits of Bachelor Degree

The bachelor degree offers breadth and depth of knowledge to the students. The breadth comes from learning different course in general studies and depth comes from specializing in one subject. Additionally, students accomplish the ability to think critically and use their knowledge to solve problems. Earning a degree opens many more doors in the job market.

Special Classes

Some jobs require additional certificates. For example, a certified public accountant (CPA) requires a degree in accounting and you must also pass an exam. A student is prepared for the exam while in college.
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