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Article - Faking a Diploma Can it be Done?: Phonydiploma.com

Fake diplomas aren’t always a bad thing. Numerous reasons exist as to why someone might need one of these quickly and without a lot of hassle. Recent grads might end up losing theirs in a fire and need it to show a potential employer. Others might be trying to joke their boss, so they want to create their own unique version. Another individual might want one created for their child who is soon to graduate. Don’t worry; the process is actually quite simple.

First, you want to look at as many of the different diplomas as you can. Examine diplomas that relate to your area that you plan to recreate. If making one for high school, you want to look at some of the diplomas to see what they should look like.

Next, you have to shop for the right paper. Diplomas tend to use a heavy cardstock paper so they last for extended periods of time. Fake versions will need to look as real as possible, which is why the paper is important. Heavy cardstock in cream or white is often the best choice. Office supply and craft supply stores often have it.

Set your computer up to make the degree. Photoshop is often fine, but some prefer using other software. Make sure you have the type of degree, school name, the name of the student and spots for the main parties to sign. The secretary and chancellor of the school, both sign it. Use an elegant scroll font for the words.

To look authentic, you need to use the school seal. Most schools have this information on their website. Copy and paste into the right spot is all it takes. One of the easiest things you can do to create your degree is to find one online and use it as your template for creating yours. Photoshop allows you to take the other person’s info out and put yours in within minutes. Make sure you use a quality printer that has good ink to prevent any mistakes or smudges from appearing when printing the diploma out.

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