Article - Bachelor's Degree in Biology Job Options:

Biology is the study of living organisms or anything alive. This includes: humans, animals, plants, and a variety of other things. Students studying in this field typically cover a variety of things during their years working towards a Bachelor’s degree. They spend a lot of time in the laboratory and are called upon to perform certain tasks such as animal dissection.

Those working on their diploma take general biology classes, but also minor in a related field. This gives them experience in a specific section of biology such as genetics, which studies genes. Others study biology and how it relates to agriculture, which is known as agronomy. They also have the option of studying: physiology, endocrinology, herpetology and even forensic science.

As biology is a highly complex field, a large number of students attend graduate school after receiving their undergraduate college diploma.  These students are typically interested in advanced areas or areas requiring additional studies. They may a career as a college professor, which requires a Masters degree or PhD. There are, however, a lot of students that go directly into the work force after finishing their bachelor's degree.

A bachelor’s degree in biology lets students choose from a variety of career paths. As the population continues to grow, and the world continues to change, there will always be the need for workers with experience in the field of Biology. One area some students focus on is environmental science. They work as environmental advocates and in nonprofit organizations devoted to specific causes.

Forensic science is another career path open to biology students. This area sometimes requires an advanced degree, but some areas are open to hiring recent graduates with a four-year degree. Rural areas are especially in need of help as forensic scientists often take on several different jobs. They work in the field, in the lab, run tests and even photograph crime scenes.

Journalism is another area attracting those with a bachelor’s degree in biology. They’re highly attuned to researching ideas and concepts, and will use that research when it comes to working on a story or tracking down leads.

A bachelor’s degree in biology qualifies students for work in the research field. The head researcher usually has a more advanced degrees, however, jobs for those with only a bachelor’s degree are also available. They typically work in a laboratory setting running tests and working on new ideas. There are biology majors working on the research into specific diseases and finding cures for them.

Working as a lobbyist is another opportunity for those with a bachelor’s degree in biology. This career path lets students work and raise awareness for something they’re passionate about including: diseases, genetics and the environment. Students have quite a few options if they decide not to pursue an advanced degree in biology.

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