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Writing a technical paper is similar to writing any type of paper. Prior to writing the actual essay, it’s important to come up with an idea and create a general outline. Some prefer to write a more in depth outline, but that depends on the writer. The outline gives the individual the chance to make any changes and see the overall flow of their paper.


Technical writing involves a little more organization than some would find in a regular paper or essay, in part because these papers are more involved. Those who decide to outline their thoughts will find that the organization goes a lot smoother. This is the time to setup a topic statement of thesis statement, decide on the length of the paper, and select the correct number of topics inside the technical paper.

Getting to Work

The hardest part about writing technical papers is actually getting the thoughts down on paper in a cohesive way. It’s recommended that writers find a comfortable spot to work and setup their surrounding area in a way that allows them to focus. Going off their outline, they can establish the various sections and work off their topic statement.

The First Draft

The first draft is simply a way to organize the thoughts and get the main topics onto paper. This isn’t the final draft, nor should it be perfect. The point here is to make the different areas of the paper flow together and bring everything back to the main topic, idea, or point. The first draft will later be reviewed and changes made.

The Final Paper

The final draft of the technical paper only comes about after a review. Many writers ask others to review their work, while some find that reading the paper out loud helps them identify any problems. This is the time to make any changes to the actual wording of the paper, grammar and sentence structure. Once the changes have been identified and alterations made, the final paper is complete.

The best resource for technical writers are those websites that offer examples of other technical papers. A good website is Online Technical Writing: Online Textbooks.

Technical writing also requires the user follow some specific rules. A good website to learn about the rules and grammar issues is Technical Writing. Another good resource is General Technical Writing Guidelines.

Writers can find help on creating technical paper templates at Resources for Technical Writers. For specific help on writing technical papers using Microsoft Word Texas A&M is a good resource.

Those who write technical papers will also find it helpful to look at websites that offer useful tips on writing the final product. One good resource is Teacher Tap. Other places to find tips include Human Readable, Tips for Technical Writers, The Owl at Purdue, and The Penn Group.

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