Article - Chemistry Degree Job Options:

The field of chemistry is extremely tough and competitive; there is much that can be achieved with a chemistry degree. Scientists from many different backgrounds hold their (college diploma) in the field of chemistry. Biomedical engineering is a popular newer field many people are opting to explore. This type of career requires a strong understanding of both chemistry and the world around us. A good understanding of biology and how the human body works, paired with experience in chemicals and the periodic table, as well as how elements interact with biology is important. Many new medications have been developed thanks to the wonders of biomedical engineering: large pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking out people who are knowledgeable and have (college diplomas) in this background. Even museums can use people with chemistry degrees to assist them in preserving and restoring old and rare art work.

Teachers of chemistry are always in high demand. In order to be able to teach chemistry, people should have at least a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Teachers need to be able to give students correct information, because this subject is so precise. Understanding how chemicals react to one another and how they are used in daily life is essential; (diplomas) in chemistry should not limit people to just teaching careers. It is important to think about the particular type of work one would like to perform, and in what kind of environment. The government and private businesses both seek out those with solid background and a degree in chemistry. Many forensic scientists have a good background in chemistry and must know how to process DNA samples, read fingerprints, and much more. Industrial chemists are also a needed group, as they can work in sales related fields, development, and manufacturing. Chemical patent attorneys must have a degree in chemistry in order to gain such a title. Their job is to make sure other companies are not using the same formulas and ingredients as others, in order to protect the patent.

Chemistry even has its place in marketing. A lot of food and household cleaning companies rely on their in-house chemists to develop the best ingredients for their products. With all of the talk of “going green” in recent years, even more chemists are needed to create sustainable products and items that are safe for the environment. A strong understanding of what works well for the world around us in terms of usage in products we use every day is very important, and a valuable asset to many corporations. International companies often seek out people with (college diplomas) in chemistry as well, so the possibilities are endless. Research chemists compile data and formulate conclusions to be used in any number of applications. Production chemists work with engineers, builders, and developers to come up with ways to ensure quality control and explain the relation of chemicals in the work place and other environments. The number of jobs available for those with (diplomas) in chemistry is limitless, and there are new ones constantly on the horizon as technology further develops.

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