Article - Graduate Degrees: How Long Do They Take to Get?:

The amount of time you are going to spend getting a graduate degree is going to vary based upon what program you enter. There are a number of different programs and diplomas available. Since each one provides you with a different set of knowledge and skills, the length of time for completion will vary.

A master’s degree is often the first level in graduate programs. Most of the time, you can complete these programs in two to three years. Just about every subject offering a bachelor’s degree will offer a master’s degree as well. The most common of all programs that students complete is that of an MBA. If going to school full-time, you should complete it in two years, while part-time will take you four.

MFA degrees are those focused on fine arts. Generally speaking, this degree is considered a terminal degree in that it isn’t going to prepare you for your PhD. On the other hand, you are able to teach at a college or university when you have this degree. Overall, the degree is more focused on the application of the materials than that of the theory behind them. Most of the time, you will spend two to four years completing the program. An MFA is available in filmmaking, writing, visual arts, theater, and fine arts.

Another type of graduate level degree is that of the Juris Doctor, which is a law degree. This particular degree is a professional doctorate because it allows you to work in your chosen profession. Expect to spend three to five years to get the degree. An LLM is also available, but you have to have your JD before you can get the degree.

A Juridical Sciences Doctorate is for those who want to work as a lawyer. You need your LLM to apply to the program, which is going to take you three years to complete. At the end of your program, you will have gone through 11 years of schooling in total. The MD takes three years to finish the degree, but you are going to spend time completing your residency as well. In total, you will spend about three to four years completing the program. PhD’s take around three to six years to complete in total. It all depends on the length of time you need to complete your dissertation.

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