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The two most popular forms of citations used when writing papers are APA and MLA style. APA is typically used in social science coursework such as sociology and psychology. MLA style is more popular with English and history courses. While it can be a little difficult to understand how to properly cite work using either of these styles, it is far from impossible to learn. This applies to electronic sources in particular.

In terms of an online periodical, APA style begins with the person’s name, followed by the date the publication was published, the name of the article, title and volume number. It then shows the day the researcher looked at the article. The following example shows how a writer would cite an online periodical using APA style. Writers should remember to include the full name of the website when listing it.

Author’s Last Name, Author’s Initial(s), (Date on Periodical), Article Title. Periodical Name, volume number (issue number). Day the writer retrieved the article from website address.

The MLA citation of the same article would appear in a different way. The name is followed by the article title, the name of the periodical and the date retrieved. The end result would appear as follows:

Author Last Name, Author Full First Name. Article Title. Periodical Name Volume number. Issue number (date article was published): Page Number(s). Date Retrieved by User .

The Owl at Purdue is one of the best resources for those who need to use APA style citations for electronic sources. Their website includes information on documenting websites, blogs, wikis and other electronic sources. The Owl at Purdue also has a page devoted to MLA, Works Cited: Electronic Sources.

MLA Citation has resources available for those who need to cite electronic sources throughout their paper. The website gives examples on how to properly cite these sources in the footnotes of the paper, and how to use quotes from those sites.

Other helpful websites for those needing help with MLA citations are MLA Style for Electronic Sources, MLA Style, The Modern Language Association and MLA Style Guide.
Be aware that this last guide is in a PDF file that may take awhile to load.

The MLA Style page at the University of Wisconsin is also helpful, as is Works Cited: MLA Style.

There are many places a student can go when they need help with APA citations of electronic sources, beyond the Purdue website. One such place is Citing Internet and Electronic Sources, which covers different types of electronic sources.

Other helpful websites include APA Style, APA Citation Style, APA Style: Citing Electronic Sources and Guide to APA Reference Lists.

Users may also want to consult Cite Source, Documenting Sources: APA Style Formatting, Write Source and APA Tips.

These links include examples of citing electronic sources in both the APA and MLA style. Users can look at general examples as well as specific examples of citing, using real life resources.

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