Article - Why Get a Graduate Degree:

A Master’s degree is a type of advanced degree requiring more education and training. Students who receive a Bachelor’s degree can choose to continue their education by attending graduate school. It usually takes two years to finish this degree, although it can take four years or longer, depending on the student and the courses taken. There are a few reasons why students should pursue a graduate degree.

The first reason why students finish their graduate degree is because it means more money when it comes to jobs. These workers typically earn an average of $10,000 to $20,000 a year more than their peers. Within a few years, that amount of money can significantly add up and make the extra years in school more than worthwhile.

Students with a graduate college diploma also have more job opportunities available to them. There are even some positions that require a Master’s degree or advanced degree. History is one area where this is especially important. Those who hope to work in the public history field or the historic preservation field have a difficult time finding employment without an advanced degree.

There are some students that pursue a graduate degree because they want to work as a professor. Most states require a Master’s degree for teaching at the Associate’s level. In other words, unless the individual has a graduate degree, they can’t work as a teacher at a two-year college. In terms of four-year colleges and universities, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is required for teaching. The only way to gain entrance into a PhD program is by first obtaining a Master’s degree.

Another reason why students should pursue an advanced diploma is to gain more experience in their chosen field. At the graduate level they have more advanced internships available to them. They also have the option of working in the field while completing their studies, making them a more attractive prospect to future employers.

Students who want to learn more about their area of study should also consider pursuing an advanced graduate degree. In their undergraduate years, they spend a significant amount of time taking courses outside their major, sometimes known as electives. At the next level, they focus their attention more on their course of study. The classes are more advanced and in depth, covering more information relating to the topic.

A graduate degree also helps the student to set themselves apart from their peer group. Once upon a time, having a Bachelor’s degree did this, but as more and more students went to college, it no longer holds true anymore. Today, the same job opening might bring about dozens of applicants with a Bachelor’s degree and only a small pool of applicant’s with an advanced degree. These students show they have a dedication to the field and they’re willing to put in the time and effort needed to learn more. This also shows that the student has specialization in their field since they select this area of study while in graduate school. Employers looking for students with experience in one area are more interested in these students, which is yet another reason to pursue a graduate degree.

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