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What do cobblers, hair stylists and electricians all have in college? Each of those professions are considered a trade requiring specific skills to complete. While some people may long for a college degree and a 9 to 5, others may long to work with their hands, set their own hours and start to earn money instead of getting with student loan debt. is not for everyone, while the device can indeed improve job prospects and earning potential, some may find the process either too expensive or time consuming. Fortunately, matriculating to get a college diploma is not the only career path available and for some, attending a trade school may be an excellent choice.

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Once upon a time in America, learning a trade was the norm. Apprentice arrangements (a student working for free while learning the skills of trained craftsmen) have existed since Colonial times in America and have even a longer history throughout the world. What is old is now new again and learning a trade is a hugely possible choice for students preparing to enter the work force. While there are plenty of associate degree and certification programs to choose from, some career paths are safer bets than others according to Top Ten Reviews.

Top 10 Vocational Careers
  • 10. Massage Therapists: For thousands of years humans have benefited from touch and massage is the tool that made it happens. The right masseur will be able to help a person relax, help ease their pain and even help reduce depression. Caring individuals with strong hands may want to change this path.
  • 9. Pharmacy Technicians: Baby boomers are aging and many of them need to rely on prescription medicine to manage their health and extend their lives. As a result, the health care industry is growing to better handle the needs of the country's aging citizens. Pharmacists are part of the solution as they are in charge of delivering the right pills and providing valuable information to patients in need.
  • 8. Dental Assistants: Maintaining dental health is directly linked to general well being; sadly too many people have yet to make that connection. A certified dental assistant has a place in the booming health care business as not only will they clean teeth and ensure sanitary dental office conditions, but also teach patients the ins and outs of dental care.
  • 7. Graphic Designers: Technology is part of the new economy and as more businesses, corporations and individuals have websites, there is a demand for professionals to make them pretty. Contemporary graphic designers work with pixels and programs instead of paper and pen, talented artists who can pick up those skills via vocational education (like an associate's degree will be able to find work easily.
  • 6. Radiology Technicians: Another health care position requiring vocational skills are X-ray technicians. Although this job require more education than a simple high school diploma, the future looks bright for those who garner the skills associated with this job.
  • 5. Medical Assistants: After earning a nursing degree this particular health related position will work directly with patients an under doctor supervision and allow people to start working in the health care industry.
  • 4. Paralegals: While most legal dramas focus on the lawyers, they could not do their work without the skills of a trained paralegal. Individuals fascinated with the law, but not interested in earning a law degree or acquiring student debt may want to get a paralegal certificate instead.
  • 3. Respiratory Therapists: Although Pink Floyd sings with such ease about "Breathe, breathe in the air," some individuals struggle with the task. The skills of these therapists can mean life and death to a person struggling to breath and as a health industry working, employment is looming on the horizon.
  • 2. Licensed Practical Nurses: After earning a nursing degree this particular health related position will allow trained individuals to work directly with patients an under doctor supervision. Individuals can get involved with this industry courtesy of an associate's degree in respiratory therapy and CRT, career advancement is linked to earning a bachelor's degree.
  • 1. Computer Programmers: Those without computer skills are not prepared for the new economy while those with computer skills can conquer the world. A great portfolio and proof of success can help a person get a computer programmer job, but a a bachelor's degree is a must for career advancement.

While all these vocational opportunities may be viable, there are plenty of choices out there. Plumbers, pipe workers, chefs, tailors and bakers are other vocational careers available to those in need, and it is up to an individual to decide for themselves.

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