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Article - Types of Majors and Degrees: Phonydiploma.com

Many people want to display fake diplomas nowadays. It could be for various reasons and the individual might be interested to show off his fake diploma. No matter what the reason is, we make it easy for you by offering a variety of majors and degrees available for Phony Transcripts and Phony Diplomas. Our process is very simple and easy to understand. You just have to use the wording “Degree and Major” on the order form you fill.

Associate Degree

This is a degree that is granted after an individual completes an undergraduate course in college for two years. In this particular section, we offer a wide variety of options for you to consider and they include Associate of Arts in Accounting, Associate of Arts in Business Administration IT, Associate of Arts in Communication, Associate of Arts in Business Administration, Associate of Arts in Business Management, Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Associate of Arts in Elementary Education, Associate of Arts in Education, Associate of Arts in Fine Arts, Associate of Arts in Management and a lot more.

Bachelors Degree

This is a degree that is granted after an individual completes a course that could last for 3, 4 or 6 years in some countries. It is also considered as post graduation. In this section, we offer Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Business Administration, Business, Child Psychology, Criminal Justice, Communications, Economics, Communications and Mass Media and a lot more.

Masters Degree

This degree is awarded after an individual completes a course that could range from 1 to 4 years. We offer Master of Arts in Architecture, Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and a lot more.

Doctorate Degree

This degree is considered the highest and an individual will have to study for another two years after obtaining the Masters Degree. We offer PhD in Accounting, Architecture, Adult education and a lot more.


This article discusses the various degrees and majors offered by Phony Diploma.


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