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In hiring applicants for a vacant position in the organization, employers look for substance in the application documents, and these include a complete and impressive resume attached to a well written and well thought off cover letter. Resume cover letters can make or break your application as it highlights all your best assets and skills and make you part of the shortlist and worth calling in for an interview.

It is considered proper business etiquette to attach a cover letter to your resume even if the employer or organization accepting applicants for a certain position does not require or need one.

Resume cover letter examples are everywhere online. There are cover letter samples for sales and marketing, internship, teacher, student, accounting, education, nursing, IT, legal, business, technical, engineering, paralegal, entry work, social work, administrative assistants; regardless of the position you are applying for, any resume cover letter example would show you that it is comprised of four major sections. These are the header, introduction, body of the letter and the closing. The header contains the date the cover letter was written and the information on the recipient, including his or her contact information and complete address, and the salutation, "Dear Sir.". The introduction briefly states how the applicant found out about the specific job opening and the specific position he is applying for. You can start with, "I am ____, an engineering graduate from the University of ____," or "I have seen through our bulletin boards in campus that your company is in need of mechanical engineers, I would like to apply for the position of____." The body of the letter contains the skills, the experiences and educational background of the applicant. The purpose of this section is to impress and make a good first impression on the employer or reader of the cover letter. "I have recently graduated with the degree in ____," or "I am recently the general manager for ____." Then the last section is the closing. Here you tell the reader your next steps in the application process ? if you will be calling them back or if you will just be waiting for their call. You can say, "I will be waiting for your kind response," or "I will contact you within this week to follow up on the status of my application." This section also contains the signature line and information about yourself including complete name, complete address and contact information ? you may opt to include your email address.

Here are some tips on how to write a good cover letter. In any resume cover letter sample that you will find, you will notice that there are no typing errors, as these can give a bad impression that you did not prepare well enough. You should do a background research on the company prior to writing the cover letter so you can incorporate your knowledge of the organization, which is a good plus for you as compared to an applicant who has no idea as to what company he is applying to. And most importantly, be yourself, make sure that you sound like you in the letter.

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