Article - Salaries and College Degrees:

Many people attend college to ensure themselves of a good, steady income once they have completed their schooling. But, what college degrees offer the best salaries?
When speaking of salaries, the most profitable college degree is one in the medical field. The median salary for a physician in the United States is about $150,000 a year. Anesthesiologists can make as much as $300,000 a year, while most surgeons make at least $200,000 a year. While these are high salaries, one has to consider the work, dedication, and monetary investment required for such careers.

Most medical degrees require much more schooling than other degrees and the student loans for those years of schooling can be enormous. On average, doctors will graduate from medical school owing an average of $100,000 in student loans. The American Medical Association estimates that the cost of attending a public medical school has risen 312% over the past two decades. There is also the emotional and psychological strain of being a doctor. Doctors work long hours with little rest and are almost always on call. And, while the cost of becoming a doctor is on the rise, the salary for being a doctor is leveling off.
Engineering is an area which offers attractive salaries. A chemical engineer starts out making an average of $63,616 a year, while an engineer in the aerospace/aeronautical field makes an average of almost $58,000 a year. Civil engineers make an average of $46,023 a year - while those with a chemical engineering degree make almost $57,000 a year.
Computer science continues to be a field in hot demand. Students who graduate with a degree in computer science make an average salary of $59,873 a year.  Computer science seems to be a field where the salaries are increasing. In the spring of 2007, the salary of a computer science graduate jumped 14.7%, adding an additional $7,500 a year.
Business degrees continue to be a lucrative investment for college students. A graduate with a degree in business administration or economics and finance can expect to make a starting salary of between $38,254 and $40,630 a year. A student who receives an accounting degree will make a little bit more – a starting average of $45,656 a year.
Other fields have shown a jump in average starting salaries for recent college graduates. Those majoring in the construction science/management field saw a 13.4% increase from $46,506 to $52,745. Agricultural business and management majors starting salaries increased from $38,055 to $42,299. International Relations have become a very popular field lately, with graduates expecting to start out at approximately $40,900 a year. That is about the same starting range for a student graduating with a degree in political science.
Hospitality services management graduates make a bit less than some of the more technical degrees, with a college graduate bringing home an average of $34,480. But, unlike some other fields, the average salary for hospitality services management did recently rise 9.7%.
A college education is going to cost a person in not only money, but also time and effort, so it only makes sense to pursue a degree that will pay off well when the schooling is completed.

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