Article - Engineering Degrees Linked to Earning Potential:

Education will not only expand one's mind, but has the potential to make a bank account grow. While there are plenty of American success stories surrounding high school dropouts such as President Andrew Jackson and actress Ellen Burnstyn, the average US Citizen stands a better chance of economic independence courtesy of higher education. Individuals who focus their energy on earning an engineering degree are paving their way to big, fat paychecks.

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International Diplomas and Transcripts, the industry's premier website for novelty diplomas defines an engineering degree as "An academic award bestowed by a college or university after successfully completing a course of education or studies focusing on the application and uses principles in order to design, build, and maintain structures, devices and systems." Within that field of education, there are a variety of options that will allow graduates to enter a number of industries, and some are more lucrative than others.

Statistics indicate that the average college graduate has approximately $27,000 in student debt by the time they earn their diploma. While some career paths may initially leave little wiggle room in regards to savings and paying off that debt, according to engineers have the potential to earn large salaries from the get go. conducted a college salary survey of bachelor degree holders employed in the United States. Their study revealed that graduates with engineering majors had the highest earning potential of all recent graduates with engineering dominating the top ten job options (mathematics and consumer science jobs filled in the gaps) :

  • Petroleum Engineering: Starting Salary $98,000
  • Aerospace Engineering: Starting Salary $62,500
  • Chemical Engineering: Starting Salary: $67,500
  • Nuclear Engineering: Starting Salary: $66,800
  • Electrical Engineering (EE): $63,400
  • Computer Engineering (CE): $62,700

The long term earning potential for all the engineering careers included on the survey reaches the six-digit range.

Engineering may not be for everyone, however individuals that have exception attention to detail, are tech savvy, posses analytical abilities, the ability to communicate, the desire to learn and can work well with others may want to pursue a degree in engineering. While those skills are essential to the job, getting the proper education and earning an engineering degree is crucial to pursuing an engineering career.

Individuals who are considering pursuing a bachelor's degree in engineering should know that the process can take time; a traditional college degree typically takes four years of matriculation and effort.

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