Article - Marines with College Degrees:

From the time they’re in high school, teenagers hear the ultimate perks of entering the United States Marine Corps (USMC) are the benefits. The USMC trains you to be tough, to lead, and be a stronger person. Another great perk of joining the Marine Corps is once you complete basic training and enroll in the USMC, you’re entitled to have 100% of your college education costs covered by the government, and it won’t be a fake diploma either. In this program, you actually graduate from college without having to pay the astronomically high fees most colleges charge today. 

During their military service, Marines can obtain a college diploma by taking advantage of a few bills and programs that pay for it. The Montgomery GI Bill, the Marine Corps College Fund, and the Tuition Assistance program all make sure a Marine can enter and complete a college education without having to pay for it! The best part is, Marines can choose between completing either 2 year degree programs or 4 year programs to earn their diplomas. These programs cover everything: the school’s tuition fees, textbooks, and even uniforms at select college and universities. 

In particular, the Marine Corps encourages their marines to earn Master’s Degrees. The USMC itself supports a Special Education Program, an Advanced Degree program, and even a Funded Law Program for marines who obtain degrees in those fields. 

It’s not just the USMC that helps the Marines on the way to a college degree: many schools actually have lower fee structures for Marines! They also offer their own tuition assistant programs, although they’re usually not needed. These same schools often provide special online classes for Marines as well as making sure they can obtain a degree without too much hardship. 

There are also schools that are devoted solely to helping Marines pursue college degrees in whatever fields they desire. The biggest school offering these kinds of benefits is the but there are others like the United States Marine Corps College of Continuing Education. 

Those on active duty in the Marines actually can earn a degree while they’re deployed, so it’s not just for those marines stationed at home. Overseas marines have the benefit of a multitude of distance-learning options like correspondence courses or internet-based colleges that offer online courses. 

Perhaps one of the most amazing things about it is the education benefits don’t automatically disappear if the Marine decides to leave the Marines Corps. Based on things like the number of years a marine served and the specific educational program they wish to pursue, the benefits are often still available after a marine leaves the service.

That’s why so many people who are in the Marines Corps have obtained college degrees. In a 1998 report, about 76 percent of active component officer corps in the Marines reported to hold college degrees. Due to the opportunities made available to Marine Corps servicemen and women, Marines can both serve their country and prepare themselves to have a wonderful education down the road.

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