Article - Colleges in United Kingdom that have closed, merged, or changed their names

College Name    City    Country    Start Date    End Date    Affiliation    Other Information    Source
Al Maktoum College of Higher Education    Dundee    Scotland    
    founded as Al Maktoum Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies
East India Company College    Hetford    United Kingdom    1805    1855    British East India Company     The College provided general and vocational education for youths of sixteen to eighteen nominated by EIC Directors to writerships in the EIC overseas civil service. Attendance was generally for four 6-month terms. It first opened in Hertford Castle, then moved in 1809 to a purpose-built site at Hertford Heath, near Hertford, now used by Haileybury College. Its architect, William Wilkins, later went on to design the National Gallery in London. In 1856 an open competitive examination replaced the system of appointment by patronage. In the wake of the Indian Mutiny, in January 1858, the British government took over the administration of India, and the college closed.
Nottingham and District Technical College    Nottingham    United Kingdom    1843    
    1843 - Nottingham Government School of Design opened
1858 - The Nottingham Government School of Design moved to Commerce Square
1865 - The Nottingham Government School of Design moved to Waverley Building
1881 - University College was established. It later became the new university's Arkwright Building.
1941- The Victorian Arkwright building, on the corner of South Sherwood Street and Shakespeare street, was hit during the Nottingham Blitz the building was partially destroyed as it took a direct hit, It was rebuilt a number of years later, 45 people were killed
1945 - Nottingham and District Technical College was designated.
1958 - Nottingham Regional College of Technology was opened.
1959 - Nottingham College of Education opens at Clifton
1964 - Nottingham Regional College was officially launched.
1966 - Nottingham College of Art and Design was linked with the Regional College - as a Polytechnic designate.
1970 - Trent Polytechnic was granted polytechnic status.
1975 - Trent amalgamated with Nottingham College of Education at Clifton.
1988 - The official name change to Nottingham Polytechnic took place.
1989 - Nottingham Polytechnic Higher Education Corporation was founded.
1992 - The Nottingham Trent University was launched.
2008 - Nottingham Trent University is named as the top post-1992 university.     
St. John's College    Ystradmeurig, Wales    United Kingdom    1757    1974    
Thames Valley University    West London (Ealing and Brentford), Reading and Slough    United Kingdom    1860    
    state supported    founded as Lady Byron School; formed from a merger of Ealing College of Higher Education, Thames Valley College of Higher Education, London College of Music, and Queen Charlotte's College of Health Care Studies; in 1991, inaugurated as Polytechnic of West London; granted full university status in 1992 and name changed to Thames Valley University; name changed to The University of West London in August 2010
Trinity College & University    Gwent, Wales    United Kingdom    1927    1991    
Ushaw College    County Durham    United Kingdom    1568    
    Roman Catholic    founded as Douai College in the Spanish Netherlands; relocated to UK in 808

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