Article - How to NOT Use Your Fake College Degree:

People buy fake college degrees and diplomas for many reasons. Some just want to pull a prank and have a little fun. Other might get a fake college degree to impress a colleague or friend or win over love. Every person buys phony documents with different intentions, but the bottom line is to never cross any legal limits or get in trouble. What you might think of as a harmless joke or a little white lie could end you costing a fine or even worse, jail time. It’s a safe bet to avoid getting into any kind legal trouble, so you need to know some essentials when it comes to using fake degrees.

We strongly advise against the use of fake college degrees to climb the success ladder in your career. You can use phony documents if you want keep the originals safe or if you have to submit your college degree at multiple offices, but do not use a fake college degree to get a job or admission to a university. Even if you pass the initial process without getting caught, when it’s time to actually use the skills that you pretend to have qualified for, you might be run out of luck.

Also, do not go too far with a joke. If you’ve got fake college degree that makes you a graduate from the country’s best med-school, it’s okay to boost and but never, we repeat, never give medical advice to anyone. You can have fun convincing people that you were an A-grade student or the college topper, but do not risk anyone’s life to uphold that façade.

Our purpose behind Phony Diploma is only to let people have fun or make copies of their original documents in case of need. However, we are strictly against the use of phony documents for illegal purposes and we advise all our clients against it.

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