Article - Phony but Strictly Fun:

If you wonder what fake transcripts might be used for if not fraudulent purposes, you would be surprised at how these fake documents can be use in the most legitimate, authentic manner. Being fake doesn’t render a transcript useless.

The agenda behind the idea of Phony Diploma is solely to provide fake diplomas, fake degrees and fake transcripts for fun. People who order fake documents from our website use them to fool their friends, send it as gifts, play a prank or impress a date – nothing about these is fraudulent.

Use your imagination and you can come up with a hundred ways to use the fake transcripts without messing with the law. One article might not be enough to list the endless pranks you can pull using a fake diploma.

Do you have a friend who never stops bragging about his high grades? Are you tired of him flashing his transcripts in your face? Make him eat the crow by showing him one of our fake transcripts from the best university in your country and your friend will go quiet as the grave.

Don’t they say all is fair in love in war? Then what’s the harm in taking the help of a fake transcript to impress a potential date? Sometimes winning love needs us to go that extra mile!

Fake documents can also be a great gift for friends and family. Did you sister always want to get a degree in criminal justice but ended up with one in child development? Gift her one of our fake transcripts in criminal justice – that will surely be some consolation!

Phony Diploma clearly states that the sole purpose of the use of its fake documents should be for fun and entertainment. Under no circumstances should these fake documents be treated as original and used in schools, colleges, universities or work place.

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