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The diploma program prepares graduates to step into their professional life in hotels, resorts, restaurants and convention places. The program also includes a beneficial professional practice of paid industry training, exposing students to the industry and its standards, so that they can implement and practice their theoretical knowledge.

It is a unique course method covering both the practical skills of preparation of food and beverages with a focus on operational management skills. The enclosure of this diploma program enables students to gain fabulous career opportunities in the Hospitality Industry. Diploma in Hospitality Management is ideal for the students who are intended to own their own hospitality business/restaurant. It is a real course for future managers and business owners.

The professionals in the hospitality management will be attentive to draw customer traffic to the hotel/restaurant, operate efficient food and beverage services and have to ensure that the guests are satisfied in all the ways. Graduates of Diploma of Hospitality Management will be highly qualified to manage a fine hotel, resort, or a club.

Employment Opportunities:

• Restaurant Manager
• Food & Beverage Manager
• Front Office Manager
• Banquets Manager
• Commercial Cook
• Workplace Health & Safety Officer
• First Aid Officer
• Hotel Manager

The hospitality industry is escalating steadily with the incredible rapidity. Thus pursuing a Diploma in the hospitality management would certainly be a convenient way to get prepared for the challenging career in the high-growth field.

As Hospitality management offers high job opportunities and attractive salaries, it is a sought after the industry. Moreover, the program has an additional attraction of acquiring job opportunities with a minimum academic qualification at any part of the world.

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