Article - Instructions to obtain a Fake Diploma:

It is a very simple process to make Fake Diploma if all the materials are found. Many people obtain fake diplomas for their own reasons. They could obtain it to show off in a graduation party or to just impress someone. Such people usually don’t show their real diplomas, but use their fake diplomas to be displayed in front of others.

The first step in this process is to collect many diplomas and examine the different features available. These diplomas will have a few things in common. However, they might have a few differences depending on the school and degree. Fake diplomas can be made very easily if the individual can collect a diploma from the college/school they want to use or from a similar school.

The second step is to find some heavyweight paper or card stock that matches the diploma. Again, this varies from school to school as some schools use colored paper while others use the standard shade of white. One can locate these papers in craft stores or stationary shops easily.

After that, the individual should find a computer program to make the fake diploma. Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop can be used to change few things. However, if an individual has a real diploma, he can just scan the information and change the name and degree to make it look authentic.

If a real diploma is unavailable, one would have to start from the beginning by typing the name of the school at the top using the right font. The diploma holder’s name goes at the bottom of the page with the degree typed below that. The names of the secretary and chancellor of the schools are typed at the end of the page. A fake signature needs to be done to make it look perfect and the last step would be to locate the school’s official seal. Print the seal on another piece of paper and attach it at the bottom.

If all this sounds difficult, the best option is to buy a fake diploma.

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