Article - Health Studies Careers:

Just like other courses in the liberal arts, taking up health studies allows you to learn a wide variety of skills that increase your marketability in various fields.

Students with an associate diploma in health studies develop several skills specific to the subject they are studying, including more general skills that can be transferred to numerous fields after graduation. Studying health studies requires inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches to understand the depth, complexity, and diversity of the subject. Most of the time, students of health studies examine contrasting views on health issues as they gain insights on different health experiences.

As a holder of an associate degree in health studies, you are expected to compare and understand the differences underlying a variety of health issues on a personal, institutional, national, and global context. You should be able to analyze information about health and synthesize this information into credible arguments. Associate degree holders in health studies have the necessary research skills to find, examine, and evaluate scientific findings on health-related issues affecting a wide range of disciplines.

Two of the most important skills that develop in health studies students include the ability to communicate clearly and articulately as well as the ability to present coherent ideas and arguments in a variety of environments, such as: seminars, presentations, or casual conversations. Students of health studies should be able to work and negotiate with their peers in the completion of cooperative projects relating to health studies and other social areas. At the same time, they should be able to work on their own and strive harder for personal development.

The kinds of jobs you can get with an associate college diploma in health studies include: technical, clerical, secretarial, management, administration, personal services, professional, and sales positions. Employers who hire health studies graduates come from a wide range of sectors, including, but not limited to health and social work, education, finance, research, public administration, and retail. After graduating with an Associates degree in Health Studies, will be beneficial if you plan to pursue a career as a personal adviser, charity officer, civil service administrator, counselor, lecturer, health promotion specialist, lifestyle consultant, local government worker, nutritional therapist, physiotherapist, probation officer, medical sales executive, social worker, teaching assistant, learning support, medical officer, assistant librarian, or youth worker.

The skills you acquire from a health studies degree are not only useful for your career, but also to solve health-related problems in your personal life.

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