Article - How to make a Fake Diploma:

Many people try to obtain diplomas as education is very important nowadays. You may want to hide your real diploma and show a fake diploma either to impress your friends or show it off at a graduation party. But no matter what the reasons are, fake diplomas can be made easily, if you have all the right materials available to you.

You first need to gather many diplomas and examine all the features possible. They may have a few common factors, but they also have a few differences. It usually depends on the school and the field of the degree obtained. To get a fake diploma, you first need to look at a real diploma from any school to make few changes.

You would have to select the right paper too. Usually, diplomas are made of cardstock or heavy weight paper. It also depends on the school as some schools give out diplomas in different colors while others stick to the standard shade of white. These materials are found in any craft store or office stationary store. Make sure that you use the same paper that is used in the real diploma to make it look authentic.

Use a computer program like Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop to make changes at the page’s top. In addition, use the right font to make it appear perfect. The diploma holder’s name is found at the bottom with the name and type of degree below that. You will also have to enter the name of the secretary and the chancellor of the school below that. Finally, you will have to make a fake signature to make it look real.

After all this, create the school’s official seal and this can found on the school’s main website. Take a printout of that and attach the seal on the diploma. If all this sounds very difficult, you can always buy a fake diploma online very easily.

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