Article - Bachelor's Degree Job Options:

A lot -- that's for sure.  A better question might be: what can't you do with a bachelor's degree? You can break into almost any career field with a real BA or BS!  Most entry-level positions are designed for bachelor's degree holders. And if you want to advance, you have to get your bachelor's degree first anyway.

But keep in mind, some careers are very competitive. If you want to become a doctor, a lawyer, or a psychologist, you'll eventually have to compete for a spot in a graduate program. Even though this may seem like a faraway next step, it's important to map out your entire plan nowbefore you invest in a bachelor's degree program.

Not all undergraduate programs are designed to prepare students for graduate school, law school, business school, or medical school. If you think that you'd like explore one of these options in the future, talk to an enrollment advisor. Ask him or her how other alumni have succeeded on that path.

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