Article - English Degree Job Options:

An English degree does not prepare students for a specific job, in the way that some majors do, rather there are a variety of career choices open to an English major. Many jobs are more focused on students having their (college diploma) than on what their major was. There are also many jobs that look for good communication and critical thinking skills: A (diploma) for an English major will fulfill these requirements.

One common job for people with English degrees is that of a writer. There are many different types of writing that can be done on the job. One can work in the public relations department and write press releases or be a technical writer and write things such as user manuals. Graduates have the option to be a freelance writer and write for magazines or newspapers. If students are interested in this career path, they may want to take as many classes as possible on writing. Be sure to take at least one class in technical writing. If interested in becoming an author or novelist, take classes in creative writing.

Another option is to become an English teacher. This affords the opportunity to continue their focus on English in the same way it was studied in college. It is a great way to help others earn their (high school diplomas), and to learn to enjoy reading and writing. This career takes a great deal of commitment and time to do successfully. If students are interested in this career path they will be required to take classes focusing on teaching English.

Another job option available to English majors is to work in publishing. A degree in English can prepare students for a job as an editor at a publishing house. One may start out as an editor’s assistant, but there are plenty of opportunities to move up within the company. Graduates can also become a literary agent. This job helps to connect writers to editors and can help build the relationships between their clients. An agent has many of the same basic requirements as an editor. Most agents and editors love to read, and can spot and give suggestions on how to fix poor information in manuscripts. To become an agent or an editor, take classes focusing on specific genres to better understand them.

Many people use an English degree as a jumping off point for further education. In order to earn an advanced degree such as a PhD or a Master’s degree, students must first earn a bachelor’s degree. People who attend medical school or law school often get degrees in English. Additionally, if one wants to become an English professor, you will need an English doctorate degree. Although this is an option, students have several career choices to choose from. An English degree demonstrates the ability to balance time, work hard and think critically. These are all skills that employers are looking for when hiring.

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