Article - Two Year College Degree:

Two-year college degrees have received a negative reputation among some people in the United States. This is very unfortunate, because community colleges, technical schools, and other two-year programs can offer excellent opportunities. The main advantages of choosing this option are that it is usually much faster and less expensive than attending a university. A two-year college degree can lead to very successful and well-paying careers for individuals who choose their major wisely. These institutions give people a chance to move ahead in life that wouldn't otherwise be available because of time or money constraints. They're also a great choice for people who want a career but simply don't like being in school.

In general, there are two broad categories of two-year college degrees. Some are designed to prepare students to directly enter into a professional career. They teach everything an individual needs to know in order to get an entry-level job upon graduation. Popular examples of two year college degrees that are career-focused include computer networking, registered nursing, dental assisting, web design, office work, and mechanics. As these examples show, a lot of them are focused in the medical and computer fields, although there are also many other options.

The other type of two-year college degrees is transfer degrees. These are created to be a stepping stone for students to complete further education at the bachelor's degree level. In order to start a successful career in these fields, students usually need to transfer to a four-year school and finish two more years of courses. Studies in social and behavioral sciences, arts, humanities, and some sciences are usually considered to be transfer degrees. Some examples are subjects like psychology, English, economics, anthropology, math, and history. When an individual chooses a transfer degree as a major in a two-year school, their classes usually focus on general education subjects rather than practical skills.

People often have different reasons and motivations for choosing among the two different types of associates degrees. It is important to understand the advantages of both when picking a major for a two-year college degree.

Associates degrees that are geared toward specific career paths, like becoming a physical therapy assistant, nurse, or electrician, usually allow students to enter a well-paying field with the minimum possible investment in time and money. If started right after high school, students who choose this option will be well into an established career and already earning a good salary by the time their peers graduate with four-year degrees. In fact, people who choose the right associates degree oftentimes have an easier time finding a job, and make more money than individuals who get bachelor's degrees.

Transfer degrees help to minimize the overall costs of getting a college education that ends with a bachelor's degree or higher. They help students get through school with fewer loans, or even without borrowing money at all. They are also a great option for people who need to brush up on academics or improve their academic records before applying to four-year colleges. Two-year schools often provide more personal attention to students as well.

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