Article - Social Science Degree Info:

Careers available for graduates with a social science degree.

Social science is a term used to describe the study of people in the world, the way that they behave in public, and how they make an impact on those around them. The subject is a very broad one. Having a degree in social sciences allows a person to work in many different settings, as well as embark on many career opportunities. Many career choices available upon graduation can include jobs working for federal, state, and local government organizations. A degree in social science is excellent for those who will be working closely with the public and need a firm grasp of the way people typically act and think in certain conditions.

A sociologist is one career that a degree in social science can offer. A sociologist studies the social behavior of those around them by looking at the different groups that people develop. This includes churches, political affiliations, and businesses, as well as personal groups such as gangs and clubs. This also involves studying the group or the affiliations origin and development. A sociologist will study the way that certain groups interact with one another, how individuals relate to one another within a group setting, and how people relate outside of their normal group activities. These studies can help politicians and educational personnel determine the best course of action for fixing social problems and putting together a public policy.

Some people who get a degree in the social sciences do so to become a historian. A historian is a person who does research into the past, as well as analyzes and interprets events that happened during a particular period in history. A historian will use government records, photos, print from newspapers, documents and letters, and other means to get the information they need in their research project. A historian usually has a certain field of study or a particular time frame that they aim their focus on. The goal of a historian can vary, but one field is the act of preserving and studying historical artifacts and relics.

A career in childcare services is a broad field that is available upon completion of a social science degree. This can include therapists and counselors for a child welfare agency. Child youth and protection service careers usually require a degree in social science because the employee must be able to understand the background of a family’s life when dealing with abuse and neglect cases. Adoption and foster care facility workers will need a degree in social science because of the vast amount of personal knowledge divulged during interviews and meetings of prospective parents. A social worker will need to have an intense background in behavioral issues so that they can better understand the families and children they are dealing with. Other careers can include working in hospitals, human resources, non-profit organizations, preschool centers, and religious services.

A degree in social science can open up a wide realm of possibilities for those that receive one. It is a field that continues to grow with excellent job opportunities for graduates.

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