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Planning for a college degree  and career can be a difficult task, but knowing where to start and how to begin a search can make all the difference. An individual, first and foremost, must decide what they are searching for. They should examine what tasks and employment opportunities are desirable and compatible with their personality and personal strengths. This information should then be measured or compared against current and future market trends to find the best possible solution to their questions and personal goals.

A critical approach is generally most effective. Examining and setting goals will help to ensure the individual is on the correct path to their desired career. Goals such as standard of living, salary requirements and hours to be worked are essential in planning for a college degree and careers. This, paired with their personal interests, will allow them to find the correct college or university for education. At this point an individual will need to search for the requirements for entry into their specified program.

Resources abound for locating colleges and universities for every conceivable career, and after obtaining the proper information on prerequisites for entry, the individual will need to contact the educational institution for application and admissions policies. Each institution will have their own set of requirements, but most have a few common aspects. These aspects will encompass an application, an application fee, testing in some cases, and the requirement of a GED or high school diploma . In addition, higher secondary education will typically require the prospective student to take either the ACT or SAT standardized tests.

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